Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday, 8/16/07's main point: Preseason trash talk?


The idea of preseason games being nothing but a chance for key players to sustain injuries was given a whole new meaning Wednesday thanks to the mouth of Tennessee Titans' linebacker Keith Bulluck.

Bulluck, apparently, is upset that New England — Tennessee's preseason opponent Friday — didn't act more classy after the Patriots' 40-23 win over the Titans in the 2006 regular season finale. He's also still disturbed that Vinny "He must be 50" Testaverde threw a late touchdown pass in that game.

Bulluck is particularly peeved at Pats' wide receiver Reche Caldwell.

"It's only a preseason game, but I think No. 87 (Caldwell) needs to keep his head on a swivel," Bulluck said in the "Tennessean."

Whoa, watch out, Reche!

OK, I don't know Keith Bulluck (and I don't really want to know him), but it appears he's got some anger issues. To let some petty incident from eight months ago affect him now is weak.

And to rip on an old, washed-up quarterback for simply adding a final TD to his resume... C'mon, Keith. You can't be serious?

Now I'm sure whoever's broadcasting this game is pleased with Bulluck's comments. Maybe people will actually watch the useless preseason game to see what the linebacker's course of revenge entails. These comments give life to an otherwise mundane three-hour event.

But, on the other hand (as you might have ascertained), Bulluck's words are ludicrous. There was nothing wrong with being frustrated back in January. The loss, after all, cost the Titans what would have been an improbable playoff berth. It obviously was a very emotional final game of the season.

But since then, flowers have bloomed, Paris Hilton's been arrested and Pacman's attended several strip clubs.

Let it go, Keith. Move on. It's a new season. Your team, led by the indispensable Vince Young, has high expectations. The last thing it needs is for you to incur a ridiculous suspension for delivering an unnecessary hit on Caldwell (or for putting Testaverde in the hospital with a single blow). The Titans don't need another suspended player.

If I'm Titans coach Jeff Fisher, I sit Bulluck down and explain his options to him.

He can either play the game the way it's supposed to be played and not worry about putting Caldwell's head on a swivel. Or he can sit the game out. Plain and simple.

I want to thank you, Keith Bulluck, for giving me something interesting to write about during the drab preseason. But, please, for your own well-being, don't let an event from so long ago make you do something stupid now.

Nobody wants to see good 'ole Vinny in the hospital.

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