Sunday, October 28, 2007

College football's greatest play... ever


If you haven't seen it by now, watch it now.

The most incredible, ridiculous, unbelievable play in college football's long history. Better than the Cal-Stanford miracle, Kordell Stewart's Hail Mary to beat Michigan and every other great play that has defined college football throughout the years.

Trinity University (Texas), a Division 3 school, proved Saturday why you should never give up hope, why you should never let yourself be tackled on the last play of the game when you need to score. Trinity used 15 laterals to complete an improbable 61-yard touchdown on the final play to defeat Millsaps College in the wildest ending to a game I've ever seen.

A few times during the play, it appeared the a Trinity player was about to be tackled, but each time he got rid of the ball before being thrown to the turf. Each time a teammate was able to get behind him to receive his toss.

I've seen hundreds of ends to Division 1 games where a player lets himself be tackled on the final play instead of throwing the ball over his shoulder to keep the play alive. Sure, the chances of scoring are about as likely as the Rockies coming back to win this World Series, but — hey — there's a chance.

Don't think so? Just watch Trinity's miracle. It'll make you believe.


J-bo said...

Wow. Forget calling this the best play in football history, this is very possibly the gutsiest thing I have ever seen in all of team sports.

Sportsattitude said...

Absolutely jaw-dropping. Every coach in the country is going to make sure their team sees it as an example of never, ever giving up.