Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 6 NFL picks


I'm back. After a one-week hiatus, which was a time for me to refocus and gather my senses after a 5-8 week (37-24 overall).

I'm hoping my change in scenery will result in a better week. With that said, my prediction for "The Duel in Dallas," and — oh, yeah — those other games, too.

Tennessee (3-1) 17, at Tampa Bay (3-2) 13: Possibly the best game of the week outside of, well, you know. Bucs, down to their third-string RB, fall just short.

At Baltimore (3-2) 20, St. Louis (0-5) 7: Rams, minus their starting RB and QB, aren't getting that first win this week.

At Cleveland (2-3) 24, Miami (0-5) 14: Fins will tie the franchise record for worst start.

Cincinnati (1-3) 28, at Kansas City (2-3) 24: Must-win game for the Bengals. They better show up for this one.

At Chicago (2-3) 16, Minnesota (1-3) 10: Bears defense starts playing up to its potential.

Philly (1-3) 21, at NY Jets (1-4) 17: A win-or-forget-about-the-playoffs type of battle. Should be ugly.

Washington (3-1) 20, at Green Bay (4-1) 17: No one's really talking about these Redskins, but they're quietly becoming one of the NFC's best.

At Jacksonsville (3-1) 17, Houston (3-2) 16: Who would have thought the AFC South would be the NFL's premier conference?

At San Diego (2-3) 38, Oakland (2-2) 21: Yeah, the Chargers offense is heating up at the expense of the Raaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiders.

At Arizona (3-2) 27, Carolina (3-2) 13: Vinny Testaverde gets the start for the Panthers, and even the Cardinals are licking their chops.

At Seattle (3-2) 24, New Orleans (0-4): Obviously a must-win game for the Saints, but Seahawks always find a way to win home games late.

At NY Giants (3-2) 28, Atlanta (1-4) 14: Word has it the Falcons are devoid of their starting tackles. And the Giants had, like, 12 sacks against the Eagles a couple weeks back. This could mark the end of Joey Harrington's career.

New England (5-0) 31, at Dallas (5-0) 21: Pats win the DID basically because they have zero weaknesses. They'll make less mistakes than the 'Boys, and people will start discussing 16-0.

I'm out. Enjoy the DID, old quarterbacks and soon-to-be 0-6 teams.

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Joey said...

I hate it when games are a push!