Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 10 NFL picks


In my NFL mid-season report, I pointed out the teams I think still have a shot to make the playoffs and the teams that, well, you know. Now it's time to weed out teams never to pick again unless they face off.

The Rams (who I kept thinking would win a game). Obviously the Dolphins. The Bengals — although their bandwagon was difficult to jump off. You won't see me picking these teams again unless they play each other. The Bengals and Rams, especially, have brought me too much pain.

With that said, following a 10-3 week, which boosted my overall mark to 72-42, here are my Week 10 picks.

At Carolina (4-4) 14, Atlanta (2-6) 10: If you like incompletions and offensive innefeciency, this is your game.

At Pittsburgh (6-2) 31, Cleveland (5-3) 21: The Browns have been a great surprise in the AFC Central, and they'll put some points up, but the Steelers will pull away.

Buffalo (4-4) 26, at Miami (0-8) 10: The Bills with a winning record?? Believe it. Believe it. Believe it...

At Kansas City (4-4) 22, Denver (3-5) 9: The Broncos, minus Jay Cutler, feature, um, no offense.

At Tennessee (6-2) 19, Jacksonville (5-3) 14: None of the Titans' wins have been pretty, but they're wins nonetheless.

At Washington (5-3) 24, Philadelphia (3-5) 17: Clinton Portis might finally be performing up to his ability. That's not a good sign for the Eagles.

At New Orleans (4-4) 34, St. Louis (0-8) 17: I almost bet my house on this game (except that I don't own a house).

At Green Bay (7-1) 28, Minnesota (3-5) 21: This division rivarly will be close, but then there's the Brett Favre factor. Adrian Peterson is good, but he doesn't touch the ball on every play.

At Baltimore (4-4) 20, Cincinnati (2-6) 13: Two struggling teams. One has to win.

Chicago (3-5) 25, at Oakland (2-6) 16: Not a game I'm planning to watch.

Dallas (7-1) 31, at N.Y. Giants (6-2) 28: This, definitely, is a game I will watch. Cowboys prove their the NFC's best with hard-fought road victory.

Indianapolis (7-1) 26, at San Diego (4-4) 21: Even without Marvin Harrison, the Colts will have enough to overcome the feisty Chargers.

At Seattle (4-4) 28, San Francisco (2-6) 13): The Seahawks stay in the division lead with the win. On a side note, what an awful division.

I'm out (just in time). Enjoy a week devoid of a Patriots victory.

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