Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 11 NFL picks


My picks were so defective last week, I hopped on a plane and spent two days in Philadelphia without cable TV or the internet to recuperate.

OK, that's a partial lie. The trip to Philly was a planned visit to see my grandma, but it did serve to help me kind of forget about the sports world for a couple days. Instead, I read an entire Walter Mosley novel and dined in some fine Northeast Philly restaurants.

It was a good time.

But now it's back to business. Coming off that dismal 6-6 showing, which put me at 78-48 overall, I have to reprove myself as an adequate picker of NFL games. With that said, I'm going to stop blabbering and make my picks.

Here goes:

At Green Bay (8-1) 28, Carolina (4-5) 10: I can't wait until a Thanksgiving Day game involving the Lions that actually means something when they host these Packers.

At Detroit (6-3) 24, N.Y. Giants (6-3) 21: Speaking of the Lions, this is a statement game. They have to show, after their flop in Arizona last week, that they're a playoff team. A loss here and a loss to the Packers, and they're just 6-5.

Tampa Bay (5-4) 17, at Atlanta (3-6) 13: As hard as it is to believe, if the Falcons win, they'd be just a game back of the Bucs in the division. But, no, I'm not picking a Joey Harrington-led team in a big game.

Cleveland (5-4) 26, at Baltimore (4-5) 12: Despite the loss to Pittsburgh last week, I was impressed with the way the Browns kept fighting back. That will help them this week.

At Cincinnati (3-6) 20, Arizona (4-5) 14: I know, I know. I said last week I'd never pick the Bengals again. But the Cardinals can't win on the road. Seriously, it's a proven fact.

At Jacksonville (6-3) 19, San Diego (5-4) 16: This is a pure guess. I have no idea who'll win. This could be the best game of the day.

At Seattle (5-4) 17, Chicago (4-5) 12: Even minus Shaun Alexander, the Seahawks are tough to beat at home.

At Minnesota (3-6) 18, Oakland (2-7) 13: Even minus Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have enough to dispose of the lowly Raiders in Daunte Culpepper's return to Minnesota.

At Houston (4-5) 28, New Orleans (4-5) 27: Huge game for both teams. The Texans need it a little more and make a statement at home.

At Indianapolis (7-2) 27, Kansas City (4-5) 10: Even without Dwight Freeney, the Colts will harass Brodie Croyle, who makes his first start of the season for the Chiefs.

At Philadelphia (4-5) 28, Miami (0-9) 14: The Eagles have been up-and-down, but even their worst showing won't equal a win for the Dolphins.

Pittsburgh (7-2) 24, at N.Y. Jets (1-8) 16: Could there be a letdown after the comeback win over the Browns last week? Don't bet on it. Still this will be tougher than expected.

St. Louis (1-8) 28, at San Francisco (2-7) 11: Battle of the morbid. I'll go with the Rams to up their winning streak to two games.

At Dallas (8-1) 31, Washington (5-4) 20: The more I watch the Cowboys offense, the more I'm impressed. Expect more of the same today.

New England (9-0) 28, at Buffalo (5-4) 18: The ingredients are there for an upset. Night game in cold weather on the road. Crazy upper-state New York fans. But, alas, these Patriots are immune to anything, including poisonous snakes (most likely).

Tennessee (6-3) 20, at Denver (4-5) 16: After being dismantled at home by the Jaguars last week, this is a statement game for Vince Young and his mates on national TV.

I'm out. Enjoy all the games except, well, that one in the Bay Area.


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