Saturday, January 5, 2008

NFL playoffs preview


I can't remember the last time there was as big a favorite entering the playoffs as there is this year.

New England is a 1-2 favorite to win the Super Bowl. The team with the second-best odds is Indianapolis, which has a 4-1 shot.

So, basically, people are pretty high on these Patriots. Guess that's what happens when you go 16-0.

But something tells me that these playoffs are going to be the craziest in quite some time. There will be upsets galore. Crazy weather. Heart-pumping finishes. Not just a unsympathetic romp to 19-0 by another Boston-based team.

I might be wrong. Heck, I'm probably wrong — picking against the Patriots is about as smart as wearing a T-shirt outside in Boston this time of year.

But what fun would it be picking the favorite? With that said, here's my playoffs preview:



(6) Washington 27, (3) Seattle 20: Unlike in sports with longer seasons, such as the NBA, momentum means something entering the playoffs. No team – besides those 16-0 guys — has more of it than the Redskins.

(5) N.Y. Giants 24, (4) Tampa Bay 18: Speaking of momentum, the Giants played their best game a week ago. Now, Eli Manning will step up in the playoffs and finally lead them to the divisional round.


(3) San Diego 27, (6) Tennessee 10: The teams' first meeting was a battle, but the Titans' injury list is almost as long as their active roster. Plus, the Chargers have won six straight games.

(5) Jacksonville 20, (4) Pittsburgh 14: The Jaguars run the ball well and don't turn it over. That will be enough to win in adverse conditions once again in Pittsburgh. Coming in, the Steelers have not been playing good football.



(6) Washington 28, (1) Dallas 27: Remember what happened a week ago? Sure, the Cowboys didn't have T.O., but the Redskins owned Tony Romo and ran roughshed over the 'Boys. It will be closer in Dallas, but the same shocking result.

(2) Green Bay 33, (5) New York 21: I find it interesting how little is being talked about the Packers despite their dominance from week to week. There's no way they're losing at home in January.


(1) New England 24, (5) Jacksonville 16: Not an easy win for the Patriots, but Randy Moss breaks free for a touchdown and the defense is steady.

(2) Indianapolis 26, (3) San Diego 17: Last time these teams played, Peyton Manning threw six interceptions in the rain. This time, in the dome, Manning is very efficient, and Philip Rivers throws the picks.



(2) Green Bay 28, (6) Washington 17: The Redskins lose their magic inside frigid Lambeau Field as the Packers, boosted by that improved running game and the reborn Brett Favre, return to the Super Bowl. The city goes absolutely beserk.


(2) Indianapolis 24, (1) New England 21: Even minus pass rusher Dwight Freeney, the Colts will make Brady n' Co. take sustained drives down the field. There will be no bombs to Moss. Meanwhile, Joseph Addai will repeat his standout performance from the teams' first meeting, and guess who will make the game-winning field goal? Yeah, you guessed it.


... You'll have to wait a few weeks for this. I don't want to embarrass myself too much.


Tyler Hampton said...

Well seeing as how I have a slight advantage of already knowing the outcome of two of thos games I guess it's not reall fair. I would have picked Washington to beat Seattle too. As for the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game, that was one of the most fun games I have seen in a while. I just got done watching it and I was really authentically nervous. It was very exciting. I agree that there are going to be several close games and it is going to be a very fun playoff season this year, but I also think that the Patriots are going to be victorious again over the Packers in the Super Bowl even though I would like to see it the other way around because Brett Favre is one of my favorite football players of all time. It should be good.

Gonner said...

I like your picks. I was with you I thought Washington could make it all the way to the NFC Championship and lose to Green Bay. I have Green Bay beating New England in the Super Bowl. Farve wins the MVP and retires right after the game.