Thursday, September 6, 2007

NFL Week 1 picks

This is the other me. Not the guy who termed himself "uneducated" in making his 2007 predictions for the NFL. Call me Schwab Jr., baby! I'm ready to predict every NFL game correctly. I'm ready to steal the real Schwab's throne. With that said and the clock ticking on opening night, here are my Week 1 gems:

Colts 31, Saints 27: What a game to begin the season.
Eagles 28, Packers 21: McNabb is back, my friends.
Texans 17, Chiefs 13: Super Bowl, huh, L.J.?
Broncos 24, Bills 17: It's not cold yet in Buffalo.
Browns 20, Steelers 12: Don't get the Dog Pound started...
Rams 34, Panthers 21: One of league's best offenses takes off.
Vikings 17, Falcons 9: Can you say, "UGLY?"
Patriots 24, Jets 21: One of Sunday's best games.
Redskins 20, Dolphins 9: Don't waste your afternoon watching this one.
Titans 21, Jaguars 14: Don't doubt Vince Young's ability (or heart).
Chargers 21, Bears 17: Possible Super Bowl preview lives up to hype.
Seahawks 23, Bucs 10: Not a pleasant start for Jeff Garcia.
Lions 26, Raiders 21: Enjoy the Ws while you can get 'em, Lions.
Cowboys 34, Giants 14: An absolute romp.
Ravens 16, Bengals 14: Last-second FG wins it for Baltimore.
Cardinals 28, 49ers 21: Upset special by Leinart n' Company.

Forget the "rust factor." I'm hoping for 14 out of 16. Check back with me Tuesday morning, folks.

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