Sunday, September 23, 2007

NFL Week 3 Picks


Will somebody please help me figure out the Cleveland Browns. I picked — again — 11 of 16 games correctly in Week 2 (yes, 69 percent). And, again, I was very, very wrong about the Browns.

I predicted Cincinnati would destroy Cleveland. Instead, the Browns decided to score 51 points and win.


So who really knows what will happen to Cleveland against 0-2 Oakland today. As Chris Berman says, "That's why they play the game."

Yeah, yeah.

Anyway, I've been wrong on the Browns and Rams both weeks. Take away those mishaps, and I'm averaging 13-for-16.

My Week 3 picks:

At New England 24, Buffalo 13: Will be closer than people think.
At NY Jets 13, Miami 10: Somebody's gotta win this one.
At Philly 34, Detroit 24: Sorry, Lions, the party stops in Philly.
At Pittsburgh 23, San Francisco 20: Battle of 2-0 teams goes to the guys at home.
At Green Bay 21, San Diego 17: Everyone expects San Diego to "respond." But what about the other team?
At Kansas City 17, Minnesota 14: Please refrain from watching.
St. Louis 24, at Tampa Bay 17: I just can't help it. The Rams have to win at some point.
At Baltimore 23, Arizona 10: Matt Leinart gets tortured by Ravens' D.
Indianapolis 28, Houston 16: No Andre Johnson, no chance for Texans.
At Oakland 16, Cleveland 13: I flipped a coin.
Cincinnati 24, at Seattle 20: Big road win — and bounce-back — for Bengals.
At Denver 16, Jacksonville 13: Can you believe it? Another game-winning field goal.
Carolina 21, at Atlanta 10: For some strange reason, I think I may be wrong.
At Washington 21, NY Giants 20: Close NFC East battle. Redskins stay perfect.
At Chicago 23, Dallas 17: Finally Cowboys' offense gets slowed down.
At New Orleans 28, Tennessee 20: Must-win game for Saints at home.

I'm out. Enjoy the Lions finding a way to lose in Philly.

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