Sunday, September 30, 2007

NFL Week 4 Picks


New rules I'm adapting after a mediocre 10-6 week that puts me at 32-16 on the young season:

Never pick the St. Louis Rams...

Never pick the St. Louis Rams...

Never pick the St. Louis Rams...

OK, enough. Thankfully, it's easy to pick against the 0-3 Rams this week. They play the NFC's best team — yes, the Cowboys.

With Steven Jackson out and Marc Bulger's ribs messed up, things could get ugly in Dallas. At least I think...

My picks:

Green Bay (3-0) 24, at Minnesota (1-2) 16: As hard as it is to imagine the Packers 4-0, Minnesota's offense is BAD. Meaning the Pack will stay close with Brett Favre leading them...

At Indianapolis (3-0) 34, Denver (2-1) 14: Broncos fans should turn their attention to baseball's Rockies this afternoon. This will be over quickly.

At San Diego (1-2) 28, Kansas City (1-2) 10: The Chargers would have to really tank to mess up this must-win.

Pittsburgh (3-0) 27, at Arizona (1-2) 18: Nobody's talking about them. But, man, the Steelers are good.

Philadelphia (1-2) 31, at NY Giants 28 (1-2): This will be a shootout. With McNabb throwing accurately, Eagles have last laugh.

At Dallas (3-0) 41, St. Louis (0-3) 17: See above.

At Buffalo (0-3) 20, NY Jets (1-2) 16: Perfect time for Bills to pick up first victory.

At San Francisco (2-1) 24, Seattle (2-1) 21: Home team always rules in the NFC West.

Houston (2-1) 28, at Atlanta (0-3) 21: This could be a trap, but I don't think the Texans have let their early-season success get to them yet. They'll be ready.

Tampa Bay (2-1) 31, at Carolina (2-1) 21: Hard to figure the Panthers. So far they're 2-0 on the road and 0-1 at home. Hmmmm...

At Miami (0-3) 16, Oakland (1-2) 14: This is a week for the bottom feeders to get that elusive first win.

At Cincinnati (1-2) 34, New England (3-0) 28: A much bigger game for the Bengals. Carson Palmer will throw for 400 yards.

Chicago (1-2) 16, at Detroit (2-1) 14: Statement game for a Bears defense that was just as bad as Rex Grossman last week.

I'm out. Enjoy Atlanta's (few remaining) fans greeting Matt Schaub.


Troy said...

This year has been tough for me, as a Rams fan for obvious reasons. Aside from that, could anything truly get worse? Our HC is an idiot (having Bulger in the game playing with two broken ribs while Gus Frerotte, a formidable HEALTHY back-up is chipping away on the sidelines.) I hope the Rams let loose of Scott Linehan and get it together next year. However, I bet he will be back (injuries are a credible excuse for now, for this team) next season. So sad.

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